Top 100+ Awe-inspiring 50 Feet Front House Plan For Every Budget

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Are you looking for the perfect house plan to build a lovely house on 50 feet front? You are in the right place! We've listed the top 50 feet front house plans for you to select, tailored to a wide range of lifestyle needs and preferences. These house plans will make the process of selecting the perfect home easier and more efficient! Each of these 50 feet front house plans have been carefully designed keeping in mind a range of important considerations from the size and layout of the living space to the facilities and outdoor play areas. Our top 50 feet front house plan list will help you plan your dream home. So let's take a look!

50 Feet Front House Design

The 50 feet front house design gives homes in larger areas an elegant yet industrial look. It is perfect for those wanting the classic old-time charm with modern comforts. This design utilizes the vertical space to create a unique visual impact without sacrificing much floor space.

The exterior finish is usually of wood-cladding with added brick detailing for that rustic antique touch. Large and taking up much of the front view, the 50 feet house design can be outfitted with as many as 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen, a living room, and separate balconies all in one single floor.

The interior décor and furnishing of this design is generally contemporary, blending modern décor with elements from traditional themes such as South Indian styles. A spacious, well-ventilated back garden can be fitted into the two stories, flanked by the balconies.

50 Feet Front House Design

3 Bedroom | Contemporary

If you want to stay within a smaller area while still having the same classic and modern style, then the 3 bedroom contemporary house design is perfect. This type of design has two floors with the upper floor having two bedrooms and a toilet, while the lower floor has one bedroom and a living space.

The contemporary design gives the house a modern look with its metal finishes and sleek lines. The top floor bedrooms typically feature walk-in closets, a lounge area, ample storage spaces, and even large windows for ventilation. The lower floor has a wide open kitchen and dining area with a guest room.

The modern style makes the house look stylish with its wooden cladding and steel accents. Its design is perfect for those who prefer their houses to have a modern feel without compromising on the classic elements.

3 Bedroom

South Indian Style | Single Floor

South Indian style houses portray a classic look yet they can be modernized to fit the modern lifestyle. This single-floor house design is perfect for those who don’t like to climb up levels. The house has a traditional design with an internal courtyard, which is a very important aspect of South Indian architectural design.

The house has many rooms, including a living room, dining area, bedrooms, and a kitchen. The exterior, with its earthy tones and vegetable gardens, gives the house a tranquil feeling while still remaining modern and contemporary.

Using South Indian style décor, the house can give off a sense of nature and tradition that is not overpowering. This design uses bright yet traditional furniture, furnishing, and finishes that add a touch of charm to the living spaces.


Traditional | Kerala Style

The Kerala style house is inspired by the ancient South Indian architecture of the region. The house is gabled with two stories, perfect for a family of four to six people. The house features 4 rooms, including two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area.

The roof design is sloped, and the pillars supporting it create an open environment that facilitates natural light and smooth air flow. The living room wall is usually ornamented by a cheetahs (metal strips) and decorated with paintings to bring in the traditional look.

Interior decorations and furniture have a vintage feel, with colorful fabrics, and intricate carvings or tiles as the primary accents. The walls are also adorned with various traditional pieces or artifacts that add to the classic feel of the house.

South Indian Style

4 Bedroom | Modern

The 4 bedroom modern house design is an ideal choice for families looking for both comfort and style. The design usually features floor-to-ceiling windows for ample natural light and air ventilation. The exterior is often wood-clad and finished with metal details, giving it an industrial look while allowing for plenty of modern comforts.

The interior can be outfitted with a variety of modern and luxurious pieces, such as custom-built furniture, luxurious fabrics, and modern appliances. The kitchen is usually spacious and usually comes with an island and a wet bar. The bedrooms are provided with plenty of storage options and often feature their own en-suite bathrooms.

The 4 bedroom house design is perfect for those who want plenty of space and easy access to downtown areas. For modern families, this type of house makes perfect sense and adds a touch of grandeur to any home.

Single Floor


The Duplex house design is perfect for areas where space is limited and there is a need for two units on one side of a property. This style of house makes the most of tight spaces and gives a maximum area coverage with very little space wastage.

Each unit typically consists of two floors and four bedrooms and a shared living space, kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. The style is often modern and industrial, perfect for those wanting to truly maximize and capitalize on a smaller space.

The duplex house offers greater energy savings compared to traditional designs, as both units share common areas and features. Plus, the modern look gives the house an added advantage, and since both units are attached, maintaining the outside areas is much easier


Double Floor | Rustic

The double-floor rustic style house is suitable for those looking for a countryside feel but with the comforts of modern living. The exterior typically has a brick finish with wooden cladding for that rustic feel. The style is also cost-effective, as brick is easier to maintain and less expensive to obtain.

The two-story house allows for an open concept on the main floor with plenty of space and ventilation. The upper floor is typically outfitted with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The kitchen is larger and easily accommodates both traditional and modern appliances. The living area has plenty of windows to take advantage of natural light.

The overall décor of the house is rustic and antique with a country vibe. The furniture used is often dark-hued with intricate wooden detailing and vintage pieces. The overall design gives the house a homey and comfortable aura, perfect for those spending most of their time outside the city.

Kerala Style

Mediterranean | Ranch

The Mediterranean house design blended with the ranch style creates a unique and stunning house style. This type of house design is perfect for individuals or for families who want a house that blends rustic elements with an industrial-style look.

The exterior features an industrial feel with metal accents and simple lines. The walls are usually white, and the roof has a curved design. The interior features a Mediterranean feel with its bright colors, curved furniture, and exotic furnishings.

The house also features plenty of modern amenities and comforts. It usually has two stories and four bedrooms, along with plenty of bathrooms and closets. The kitchen has plenty of counter space and modern fittings, while the living area often has a terrace or porch.

4 Bedroom

4-Storey | Small

The 4-storey small house design is perfect for those who want to live in the city but still be far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet. These house designs can be as small as 2 bedrooms or as large as 4 bedrooms, allowing for privacy and room to entertain guests.

The exterior has a modern and sleek design and is usually clad with metal finished and brick detailing. The decks provide plenty of light and air ventilation on each floor, while the interiors feature modern and luxurious pieces of furniture and décor.

On the lower floor, you can find the living area, dining room, and kitchen. The living area has a comfortable sofa and chairs, while the dining room features a large table and chairs. The upper floor, or the attic, has two bedrooms that share a bathroom.


Cottage | French Country

The cottage style French country house is perfect for vacation homes or retirement. It has a warm and cozy feel that is best achieved by large windows, a comfortable porch, and inviting colors. The exterior is usually wood-clad, usually in a weathered and rustic style.

The interior spaces are typically open and bright, featuring traditional antique furniture, masterfully crafted wood floors and ceilings, as well as plastered walls. The interior décor often follows a French country style with bright colors and warm lights.

This type of house has at least 4 bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. It usually includes a living space, dining space, an outdoor living area, and a terrace that looks out to the garden. The overall design gives the house a homey and inviting feel.


Log Cabin | Farmhouse

The log cabin style farmhouse is for those who want to truly escape and enjoy the country life. This house has a traditional and rustic look, with wooden cladding that stretches high up to form a ceiling and covered patio. The interior usually has a minimalist vibe with its plain and unadorned walls.

The interior décor is made up of comfy furniture, warm lighting, and lots of natural elements. The bedrooms are usually cozy and private while the living area is often a combination of kitchen, dining area, and living area in one. This style of house is suitable for those who are on a budget and want to get the best out of a small space.

The log cabin style farmhouse is really the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The traditional and rustic feel gives it a unique charm and makes it an ideal escape for those who need to relax and recharge.

Double Floor

50 Feet Front House Plan: Creating an Ideal Home Design

50 feet front house plan Creating an attractive and livable home design often requires considering a number of factors, including environmental factors, as well as personal preferences. A 50 foot front house plan can be a great way to maximize the potential of a building site, while also providing space for future expansion. With increasing attention being placed on sustainability and energy efficiency, many people are turning to house plans as a way to meet their green living goals.

Energy Efficiency

50 feet front house plan When planning a 50 foot front house, it is important to consider the layout of the building and the materials that will be used. Keeping energy efficiency and green building principles in mind can help to ensure that the house is as energy efficient as possible. Using materials such as wood and ceramics which are efficient insulators, and using modern construction techniques and insulation materials can help eliminate unnecessary energy consumption.

Layout Considerations for a 50 Foot Front House Plan

50 feet front house plan Before creating a design for a house plan, it is essential to consider the basic layout of the house. It is generally best to divide the house into four sections: the main living space, the kitchen, the bedroom area, and the bathroom. The main living space should be located at the front of the house and should be large to accommodate seating and other furniture. The kitchen should be well-designed and efficient, providing plenty of cupboard space and an adequate amount of counter space. Also, depending on the size of the house, it may be necessary to consider incorporating additional features such as a dining area, laundry area or office space.

Facilities and Amenities

50 feet front house plan When designing a 50 foot front house plan, it is important to consider the variety of features and amenities that can be included. If there is a pool or deck area on the property, incorporating these into the design can help to make the house more livable. Incorporating a balcony or terrace with a view of the surrounding area can also help make a home more inviting. Additionally, it is important to consider the outdoor space available, as this can open up the possibility of adding more features and amenities to the house plan. Finally, it is important to keep in mind the climate and the environment of the location when designing a house plan. Ensuring that the home design takes into account the natural climate and environment of the area can help to ensure a comfortable and livable home. With careful consideration and planning, it is possible to create an attractive and functional home design with a 50 foot front house plan.