Find 68+ Alluring 3 Stories Contemporary House Designs Satisfy Your Imagination

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Are you on the lookout for modern and contemporary house designs It’s no surprise that they're the talk of the town and have become coveted lifestyle symbols. An architectural style that focuses on simplicity, modern and contemporary house designs embrace minimalism, making use of space to create a living environment that’s both functional and gorgeous. Here, we’ve hand-picked the best three stories contemporary house designs for you to explore!

Modern Single-Family Home Designs with Futuristic Style

Do you like modern home designs that exude a futuristic style and make a statement? If you do, a modern single-family house design is just the thing for you. Modern single-family homes come in various shapes and sizes and can be adapted to meet any lifestyle and personal taste. The innovative style and structure of modern single-family homes reduces the need for large amounts of interior space, allowing for a more open and livable environment.

Another characteristic of the modern single-family home design is the use of clean lines and simplistic forms to create a contemporary, yet classic look. Large windows can be included to let in natural light and fresh air, creating a homey atmosphere. Other features may include rooftop terraces, on-site parking, clever storage areas, and a high-efficiency kitchen.

The unique modern single-family house designs of Art Deco offer a perfect balance between comfort and elegance. With both a modern and romantic atmosphere, these homes manage to encompass the best of both worlds. Plus, they are perfect if you are looking for an energy efficient home design, and with the added bonus of having a luxurious contemporary style.

Modern Single-Family Home Designs with Futuristic Style

Luxurious Contemporary Home Design with Panoramic View

If you're looking to create an outdoor living space that offers total privacy and impressive scenery, then there's no better choice than a luxurious contemporary home design with a panoramic view. Based on the cutting-edge principles of Art Deco, these luxurious contemporary designs combine modern architectural elements with classic features to produce a look of ultimate sophistication.

Though often with modern interior décor, the exterior of this type of modern home design stands out in a unique way. Large windows provide a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment, helping to bring nature right into your home. These homes often have stunning terraces, along with floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, custom designed living rooms, and large balconies.

With a luxurious contemporary home design, you get the best of both worlds. You will certainly enjoy the modern look and all the luxurious amenities, but you won't break the bank as many of the features are affordable.

Luxurious Contemporary Home Design with Panoramic View

Sloping Lot Modern Home Design with Open Living Areas

When it comes to constructing a home on a sloping lot, one of the most sought-after modern home designs is that of an open living design. These designs take full advantage of the each, unusual angles, curves, and contours of the site. The structure of the house allows for open living areas, often with spacious balconies and decks that extend out into the landscape.

The open living design also provides extra lighting, while providing a distinctive contemporary touch to the structure. Large windows and sliding glass doors are often used, and the use of glass panels adds to the airy feeling. To bring in light during the day, contemporary home designs feature walkout decks and terraces that provide breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Take advantage of sloping lot modern home designs when creating the home of your dreams. Combining creative ideas with modern architecture and existing features of the lot, this type of home design provides the utmost in living space with plenty of room to relax and unwind.

Sloping Lot Modern Home Design with Open Living Areas

Modern and Contemporary Home Designs – Combining Comfort and Style

3 Stories Contemporary house Designs When looking for the perfect residential design, modern and contemporary home designs represent the best of both worlds – ease of living combined with a stylish, modern aesthetic. From mid-century modern and contemporary classic looks to metropolitan-inspired designs, there’s a distinct look to help you create the perfect living environment.

Combining Comfort and Practicality

3 Stories Contemporary house Designs For many homeowners, modern and contemporary designs offer the perfect solution – comfortable interiors matched with a streamlined, modern exterior. From expansive windows with open plan living spaces to customisable outdoor areas, contemporary homes provide the perfect environment for entertaining or enjoying a peaceful family weekend.

Bringing the Outside Into the Home

3 Stories Contemporary house Designs Optimising outdoor living space has become increasingly popular amongst contemporary dwelling designs. Filling the interior with effortless style and light, large windows draw in natural light and combine with well-planned landscaping solutions for amazing outdoor living areas.

Luxury Built into Every Detail

3 Stories Contemporary house Designs The details in modern and contemporary designs make it easier to create a home with luxury touches and efficient living . From grand staircases in the entryway to modern electronics built directly into the home, these designs bring a high-end lifestyle to any family.

Influenced by Culture and Design

3 Stories Contemporary house Designs From sleek modern house designs to contemporary city styles, Architectural trends are ever-evolving and can be seen influencing modern home designs. Significant, contemporary house designs provide a stylish option for any homeowner, creating a beautiful residential space with elements of luxury and comfort for a unique living experience.


3 Stories Contemporary house Designs Modern and contemporary home designs combine style and comfort, bringing the outdoors in with large windows and efficient living. With details like grand entry staircases and modern electronics, these contemporary house designs provide a luxury home living experience. Influenced by cultural trends and aesthetic elements, these homes offer a unique and beautiful residential space.